Fan clubs are a big thing for many acts, yet there are some that have operated without them over the years. Avenged Sevenfold are one of those acts, but they are about to remedy that with the announcement that they are launching their official fan club.

"We have spent a lot of time over the years trying to find ways to thank you, the fans, for your loyalty and support," state the band in their announcement. "Signing up will give you early access to all kinds of content, exclusive merchandise, special events, and contests. It is completely FREE to join, and there are no 'tiers' separating fans based on how much money you spend."

The first week will grant fans access to the first episode of their "Town Drunks" video series, a look at the exploits of Synyster Gates and Johnny Christ in Amsterdam. There will also be a special feature on Roadie Dave, who recently spent time filling in for Johnny Christ while the bassist was off tour for the birth of his son.

At present, the fan club does not have a name, and the band is opening it up to their fans to come up with a moniker for the fan club. Head to the band's fan club page to register, and once there you can check the Contests tab where you can submit your ideas. The band will choose some of their favorites, then allow the fans to vote. Get your suggestions in now through the deadline of Wednesday (Mar. 1) at midnight PT. For additional details check here.

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