For kids it’s the worst time of the year, although parents are getting excited as it’s about time for kids to go back to school. Another year of learning and having fun in the classroom. While I don’t have any kids myself, I do enjoy seeing my little nieces and nephews going back to school with their first day of school photos. But this year law enforcement is reminding parents they shouldn’t be sharing any information on social media with back-to-school photos.  

Posting back to school photos and information regarding your child has definitely become a trend over the past few years but when you do this, you’re actually attracting predators and scammers toward your family. It’s horrible to think that people actually prey on little kids going back to school, but it happens, and we don’t want you to become a victim. 

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What Information Should You Avoid Posting Online With Back to School Photos 

There are a few items that you have to avoid such as the name of the school that your child attends. Other information to avoid is your child’s age, what grade he or she is in, and their teacher's name. You should stay away from any identifying features such as height and weight, or anything related to any passwords you use online. Remember the saying, “when in doubt, leave it out.” 

Don’t Post Online, Just Text Your Family 

With so many people wanting to steal your information or your kid's information online I would avoid posting back to school photos all together. Just share that information in a text group with real friends and family. That’s who would be liking your photos online anyway. Don’t put your family in unneeded danger just for a few likes on social media.  

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