We've seen the stories of dogs and cats being kept in homes not meant for them. Dozens of animals kept under the same roof, in poor conditions, some barely clinging to life. As often as that happens here in Texas, there are times where even bigger animals are discovered in similar conditions. Then there are the people that step in to help.

Popcorn Park Animal Refuge in New Jersey did just that for a tiger by the name of Caesar. The regal cat was rescued from "Noah's Land" in Bastrop, Texas in 2002. According to Texas Monthly, Noah's Land was understaffed and underfinanced, leaving the crew there completely overwhelmed.

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Before being rescued, Popcorn Park said that Caesar was losing most of his hair and needed a great deal of medical attention. But eventually, 2-year-old Caesar was able to find his confidence again and his health greatly improved. In a Facebook post, Popcorn Park shared stories about Caesar kid-like demeanor.

"He just acted like a 2-year-old “cub” all his life," the post reads. "He loved to play hide and seek just before he was supposed to come in for his dinner, he would hide behind one of the bigger rocks in his yard, thinking we couldn’t see his ears or his tail flicking behind him."

After nearly two decades of love and care with Popcorn Park, the staff there discovered that Caesar was in renal failure. The staff said that he responded well to treatment, and eventually began eating again and was playful with other large cats at the sanctuary.

Things then took a turn late last month after Caesar ate his dinner on a Saturday night and played with his caretakers.

"Sunday morning when we came in we found Caesar still asleep," the staff at Popcorn Park said. "We could not wake him."

Caesar passed in his sleep on Saturday night.

As heartbreaking as the end of this story is, I'm forever grateful for people that dedicate their lives to taking care of some of the earth's most beautiful creatures. Caesar was given a second chance at life, and man, what a beautiful one it was for him.

Good night, buddy.

It’s with great sadness that we write this….
It was June 18th 2002, and the transport trailer from Harwood, TX...

Posted by Popcorn Park Animal Refuge on Thursday, April 15, 2021

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