Fall is approaching and that means the start of a lot of things: football, Fair season, Pumpkin Flavored everything, light coats and more. The "more" is something you'll probably "smell in the air" and when you smell it you will KNOW what it is....The skunks are coming back out.

Get Ready To See The Skunks According to The U.S. Fish And Wildlife Service.

According to a Facebook post, the government agency says that striped skunks are bulking up for the winter and that could increase your chances of seeing one. Skunks tend to be nocturnal but are also sometimes spotted out during the daytime.

The striped skunk is the most common skunk in Texas.

Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash
Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash

Five species of skunks are found in Texas according to TPW Magazine: Striped, Hooded, spotted and two types of "hog nosed" skunks. The "Striped" can be found all across the state. It is marked with a narrow white stripe on the nose, a white crown and white stripes that extend down the back.

You Don't Need Us To Tell You To STAY AWAY from them if you see one.

Woman with allergy symptom blowing nose

Skunks will usually give warning signs if they are about to spray, like stamping their feet, standing on their front legs or raising their tail in the air. Back away from skunks very slowly and don’t turn your back, raise your arms or run. Once a skunk feels like a person is a safe distance away, it will scamper off. Or you can press your luck and end up spending a day or two outside.

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