I'm not even a fan of camping and...WOW.

News flash - I see and hear all of you complaining on social media and in person about not being able to go camping until the end of June this year. We ALL hear you. So, when you do go camping, why not bring 10 of your friends?

Cabela's is selling their Ultimate Alaknak 13x27-foot tent, which sleeps 11, for $1,500.

The tent is upheld by ten poles and comes with an awning AND a screen door. It's constructed with X-treme Tent Cloth, which is really great at repelling water so you don't have to put a tarp underneath it to stay dry.

There is a wood stove and multi-paneled windows but it is definitely NOT meant to be carried long distances.

Instead of me, trying to explain it like a non-expert, here's what's on their website:

We've been refining our Ultimate Alaknak 13-ft. x 27-ft. Tent since we first introduced it almost 20 years ago. It has enhanced safety features and user-friendly updates that take it to a whole new level and sports all the room of a traditional wall tent with extra-tall 5-ft. walls for more headroom around the edges. Heavy-duty No. 10 YKK® zippers and two inverted T-style doors make entering and exiting the tent easy. Plus, they're backed by screen doors, so you can let cool breezes in while keeping bugs out. The rugged, waterproof 250-denier polyester-oxford X-Treme Tent Cloth is highly breathable and UV-resistant and has a high tear strength that resists punctures for lasting reliability. 10 perimeter tent poles, two offset center support poles and one exterior center pole add rigidity in high winds, so you can camp comfortably knowing you're protected.

The attached awning boasts a frame that comes down from the peak of the tent and directs runoff away from the door for superior protection in the wettest weather. Sidewall condensation vents have hook-and-loop closures all around the perimeter for better ventilation control. Three large multipanel windows each have a zippered cover, a clear vinyl window that zips out of the way and a mesh screen for added ventilation. The stove jack is covered by a storm flap that rolls down to avoid contact with the piping, so it won't melt the material. The floor has a zip-open panel for safe placement and stove use. The sidewalls have unique fold-down shelves that sport patented cup holders to eliminate spilled beverages and gear pockets to hold gear. Includes 12" steel stakes, guy ropes and a large zip-close storage bag.

Camp away, friends.

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