Welcome to the month of June. It happens to be National National Camping Month AND National Great Outdoors Month, but I am declaring it National Glamping Month, too.

Confession: I took some of my stimulus money and yes, I paid some bills, but I also bought up a bunch of camping stuff (because it was hella cheap on Amazon, HELLO).

I have never taken my daughter camping with just the two of us. I am scared somebody will murder us in the woods because we'll be all alone. I am also afraid a bear, wof, cougar, beaver, tiger, or Lime diseased-ridden tick will attack us. Did I mention that I am a big scaredy cat?

Anywhoo, I found extreme deals on camping supplies including  a beach shader in baby blue & white, a bigger tent (I think it's a 3-4 person tent), 2 new mummy sleeping bags that promise warmth up to 20 degrees outside, and an air pump.

I've already got an air mattress at home, so I think that now all I need to get for the perfect Mommy/Daughter camping trip is some weighted sleeping blankets, a compass, and one of those handy dandy Texas state park passes. Then Willow and I can hit the camping trail and go have some fun (once I feel its safe to go back out to the woods).

Since I prefer to go glamping, not camping, I will be taking along a cell phone charger, an outlet to plug in my laptop so that we can watch digital movies at night. I will also bring tea lights, a bottle of wine for me, and a small fan in case it gets hot. Who says that camping has to be about suffering? Not me!

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What other camping supplies do I need to get before we hit the road and where is the SAFEST and closest state park you suggest for us to go?

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