All over East Texas, there are houses that are standing empty. Actually, there are houses everywhere that are standing empty. Sometimes, those houses have quite the story behind them. Other times, they're just houses that fell into disrepair and became forgotten.

Well, there's a huge house - a mansion even - just outside of Lufkin, that has been standing vacant for as long as I can remember. It's a massive house, that looks like with the proper upkeep, it could be gorgeous. However, it's all grown up, and fallen into disrepair. It's located just behind Best Buy Fireworks on Highway 59.

If you still aren't sure about the house I'm referring to, I was able to get a few photos. Check them out:

Check It Out: Abandoned Lufkin Mansion

So, naturally, the next question becomes this: What's the story behind this massive piece of real estate? We've heard a few whispers here and there. Things like, "Oh, the owner and/or builder ran out of money before it was finished..." and "They moved away, and then it fell into disrepair..." are fairly common explanations that we hear. Then, there are a few...ummm...far-fetched ideas, like, "Oh, I heard it was haunted..." make their rounds to.

But, I'm legitimately curious. What's the REAL story behind this mansion. Is it awesome? Or, is it just a fairly simple story? Do you have any insight? Let us know in the comments below!

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