A new chart from Statista shows about 1 in 5 people cannot access Facebook at work.

Employers are blocking the site as a way of boosting productivity, because if there is no Facebook at work there is more time to make phone calls, file papers, put together presentations, and do the things that every good worker should do.

Facebook is the top site that's blocked, but employers are also blocking Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.  Are you blocked from these sites at work?  Apparently these employers have forgotten one thing.We have phones!  I was at the bank earlier this week and a personal banker had a free moment with no customers, and I noticed she was on Facebook on her phone.  The screen saver was scrolling across the company computer, and she was online via the palm of her hand.  So block all you want employers!  Determined employees will get their social media fix one way or another.