Record Store Day is coming up this weekend - Saturday, April 21st to be exact. Every year, Record Store Day is held to celebrate record stores all over the world. Yes, I said all over the world. It's observed on every single continent except for Antarctica, for obvious reasons.

But, every year, there are special releases and events with bands and artists to commemorate this day. For example, back in 2008 on the first Record Store Day, Mettalica spent the day hanging out with fans at a record store in San Francisco. Since that first day 10 years ago, there have been lots of other cool events take place.

And, this year is no different. Only this year, we received a special package here at the station to commemorate Record Store Day. Check it out below:

Vinyl 1

That is a limited edition, 7-inch single with a previously unreleased "Sunset Sound Mix" of "Rock and Roll" on Side-A, and a previously unreleased "Olympic Studios Mix" of "Friends" on Side-B.

So, while we may not have a participating record store close to us here in Deep East Texas, there is actually a participating store in Conroe, and three stores in Tyler, so those aren't too far away for driving.

Otherwise, you can check out other participating stores here.

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