Most people - especially Texans - know about Billy Bob's in Fort Worth. Yes, the place known as "The World's Largest Honky Tonk". It's a big deal, whether you're from Texas or not.

Well, as most other venues in America, Billy Bob's shut down back in March, due to COVID-19. But, according to their website, they're planning to open up again, in just over a week!

They've applied for a permit with the state of Texas to open up as a restaurant, instead of as a bar - which they're currently classified as with TABC. They are now marketing themselves as "The Largest Honky Tonk" themed restaurant. With that simple addition to the name of the venue, there will also be some fairly big changes come in to play, as well.

Here's a few of the changes, according to the Billy Bob's Texas website:

  • Tickets - at least for now - will be limited to 1,200
  • Guests will have their temperatures taken at the door as they enter.
  • After entry, guests will be required to sanitize their hands.
  • Face masks will be required for guests, unless they are sitting at their table (and even then it's recommended they keep the masks on).
  • The dance floor will have a maximum of 30 people on it, and masks are required while on the dance floor.
  • There will be no mechanical bull riding or valet services.
  • The staff will be following CDC guidelines as well (face masks, hand-sanitizing, etc.).

Like I said, that's just a few of the changes that are being enforced. For a full-list, you can check out

They've also released a list of the upcoming concerts. That list is below:

Show and ticket information can also be found at

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