Our little bit of Texas deliciousness is getting a new look. Thanks a lot, Chicago. When you think of Whataburger, you probably think of those bright orange arches that not only make up the A-frame of the building, but also the little tent with your order number on it. It's Whataburger orange.

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Well now thanks to new ownership based out of the Windy City, Whataburger is getting a little more...sleek. Some may call it...Shake Shack-ish. Let's dive in, shall we?

“There are a lot of things our customers hold sacred about Whataburger, including the iconic A-frame, orange and white stripes, and the strong link to our history,” said James Turcotte, Senior Vice President, Real Estate in a press release. “Whataburger’s new restaurant designs and remodels will stay true to our unique look, just in an updated and fresh way.”

The new restaurant models will also have a reduced environmental impact by using renewable resources when possible, LED lighting and more efficient equipment for 24-hour use. I guess that's a plus.

Along with the new look, Whataburger says it's expanding into new markets in both Tennessee and Kansas City (shout out to you Patrick Mahomes!). Overall, there will be 15 new restaurants built this year and 25 restaurants next year, in addition to remodeling many existing restaurants.

Whataburger will also begin franchising restaurants for the first time in almost 20 years. That means more jobs in more communities, and I'm all about that life.

What I'm still not sold on is this new "look". I really want to know what you think. Are you for the new sleek designs, or is it just taking away from your Texas roots too much?


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