Cici's Pizza in Lufkin is closed at this time to fix issues with plumbing and other maintenance issues on a corporate level according to General Manager Michelle Ruiz.

There is no timeline for these repairs and improvements to be completed. Though we might not think about restaurants having to provide restroom facilities by law, they do.

Cici's cannot remain open, while they are being worked on. The manager also pointed out they would like to hear feedback from the residents to bring our Cici's back better than before.

At Least We Know That It Will Be Back

It's a breath of fresh air that our local CiCi's manager got out in front of the situation and let everyone know exactly what is going on before speculations ran wild.

Though the restaurant is closed down until further notice, it's nice to know that they will be back. It's when a business is closed and the reasoning is undisclosed that residents start worrying about the future and the permanency of the situation. 

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Customers have already begun commenting on the manager's post on a popular local Facebook group named 'what's happening Angelina County' They are offering words of encouragement and putting up some really great suggestions.

Local Restaurants Closing In Lufkin 

With the recent actual closing of Five Guys and  Angelina Brewing Company in Lufkin customers are understandably a little shell shocked. Usually, we never find out why.

There could be a lack of staff, supply chain issues, and other unforeseen issues for a restaurant business during the pandemic. A remodel in the bathroom and a tune-up is no big deal. Hope they open back up soon.

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