If you're a Nacogdoches resident, then you know how inconvenient the road construction on Austin Street between North Street and Raguet Street is. I'm not saying it hasn't been necessary, I'm just staying that it's been rather inconvenient. It was made more inconvenient when the intersection of Raguet and Austin was closed.

Drivers have had to make adjustments to there commutes because of this construction. The next closest route to us is traveling to East College Street, by the William R. Johnson Coliseum.

However, that looks like it's all set to change soon. According to a Facebook post from the City of Nacogdoches, they have received an "official update from TXDOT" and the intersection of Austin and Raguet Street should be open by Monday, August 26th. Actually, as you can see from the post below, there's a possibility that it would be open earlier. However, I'm fine with it being open on Monday. That's a huge improvement from what it's been over the past few months. Check out the post from the City of Nacogdoches - City Government Facebook page:

So there you have it. Improvements to Nacogdoches have already started. And now that we've hopefully conquered this monster of an inconvenience, we're ready to take on a much bigger one as work begins on the south side of town with the big interstate project.

But for right now, we'll just be happy with the little stuff, right? If you're as excited as I am about this update to the Nacogdoches roadways, drop a comment, gif, or emoji in the comment section below!

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