Do you remember the age when you started drinking coffee?  I distinctly remember sitting at my grandma's kitchen table, dunking Oreos and iced oatmeal cookies in black coffee when I was about 13, and I give that all the credit for the addiction that I fully own and love today.

If you're a coffee drinker, how many cups per day do you consume?  A new survey says the average is 2.2 cups per day is the average.  Then there are those folks at the office who walk around with a steaming cup all day, and have the coffee breath to prove it.  

The Zagat survey says the most popular age group to begin drinking coffee is age 15 to 19.  You're not supposed to drink alcohol at that age, but you can start a coffee addiction!  One in five coffee drinkers start the habit between the age of 10-14.  That's crazy!  Oh wait.  I did that too.

Zagat asked:

-- How often do you consume coffee drinks?
Every day: 83%
A few times a week: 12%
A few times a month: 2%
A few time a year: 1%

Could you eliminate coffee from your diet if you wanted to?
Yes: 58%
No: 42%

What age did you start drinking coffee?
10-14: 20%
15-19: 44%
20-24: 22%
25-29: 7%
30 or older: 5%
Don't remember: 2%

We won't ask about your beer habits, and when you cracked open your first can.  We'll let you keep that a secret.   For now.