Make your own judgements about what all is going on in this video, but we're sure you will find something to like or laugh about.  Whichever side you agree with on the Confederate Flag debate, this video is still pretty entertaining. The man filming is very upset about the vehicles getting to drive the blocked off streets for their seemingly impromptu parade dedicated to the confederate flag.

Maybe they wanted to show some southern pride in the midst of all the controversy surrounding the flag, but one thing is for sure ... they were not exercising situational awareness.

The man filming the whole ordeal provides commentary throughout the entire video with some NSFW language. The craziest part is when he predicts a collision only seconds before a small crash actually happens a few feet away from  a police car.

Nobody was seriously injured in what looked like a mild fender bender, so it's okay to laugh a little.

The only way this video would have been better is if the man shooting the video dropped his camera in a some sort of puddle at the end, showing that "poetic" or "cosmic" justice eventually gets a hold of everyone.

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