Someone in my home may have been exposed to COVID-19, and now it's a waiting game to see if she comes down with symptoms.  

I let my best friend move in with me back in February because she's newly divorced and needed a place to stay, and in a lot of ways, it's worked out very well.  I haven't been lonely during the lockdown, and the house is cleaner than it's ever been.  She's great!  But there are new worries now that someone she works with has tested positive for COVID-19.

This person tested positive last Friday, June 12th.  On Monday the 8th, she stepped into my best friend's office to ask a question and then left, and that was the only interaction my best friend had with her that day.  She was asymptomatic at that point, but registered a fever that night, and started feeling fatigued.  The positive test came back four days later.  She's been out of the office since June 8th.

My best friend works at an office that requires Personal Protective Equipment, and both my bestie and the co-worker who tested positive were wearing PPE at the time they interacted.  The odds are slim that my best friend would have caught the virus, right?  She's planning to be tested today just to be sure.

The most important thing right now is that her co-worker gets to rest that she's able to chase that nasty virus away.  So far she said it feels like a "roller coaster," and like the bad flu.  Every person with COVID-19 seems it describe it the same way, probably because they're too tired to get into specifics.

While we're wishing a speedy recovery to the positive friend, I'll post more as soon as I know my bestie is negative.  Or, God forbid, starts the aches and fever and tests positive.  Then I'll start worrying about my three girls and me and planning a strategy to create a COVID corner in the house so anyone who turns up positive can isolate.  This could get interesting.

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