Y'all know me...once the San Antonio Spurs are out of the playoffs, I start looking forward to next season. However, with another Texas team left, I'm still watching the playoffs a bit more than I usually do. I'm talking about the Houston Rockets.

However, that Texas team hasn't done so well in their first two games of the series...and they're playing against the Golden State Warriors. So...we'll see how it goes.

They lost game one against the warriors back on April 28th, 100-104. Then, they lost game two on April 30, 109-115. Game 3 is set for tomorrow night, at 7:30. If the Rockets want to turn around the series, they'll have to do it in this game. And, if I do say so myself, they've got a pretty good chance to do just that.

This game will be the first one to be played at the Toyota Center in Houston. That means that the Rockets will be playing on their home court. The previous two games have been played in California, in the Warriors' Oracle Arena.

So, I'll be sure to be watching. I mean, I'm hoping that the Rockets can pull it off, not only because they're the Texas team, but also because that would mean a year WITHOUT the Warriors in the championship...

What are your thoughts? Will Houston start their turn-around tomorrow? Or, is the series already too far gone? Let us know in the comments below!

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