It's finally here. The colder weather has arrived. And, because of this drop in temperatures, some of our neighbors from Southeast Texas have set up consequences for people that fail to watch out for their animals.

According to an article from 12NewsNow out of Beaumont pictured below, animal owners that "fail to provide adequate shelter" for their pets in extreme heat or cold can be charged with animal cruelty. Check it out:

Beaumont isn't that far away from us. My question is: Do we have anything like this set up in our area? If someone here leaves their pet out without shelter, will they face charges like the people in the Beaumont area?

It really shouldn't matter if there are consequences or not. Considering that temperatures are suppose to be below 30 tonight, your animals should have shelter so that they can keep warm. And no, I'm not an animal rights activist, but I think that if you have an animal that you're responsible for, you should care enough to make sure that it's got a place that is set up well enough to keep it sheltered from the elements. If not, you probably shouldn't own the animal in the first place. Not being a jerk, just stating facts.

If you know of anything similar to this is set in place here in Nacogdoches, Lufkin, or any of our surrounding Deep East Texas neighborhoods in the comment section below.

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