We've got at least another month of the coldest winter weather in East Texas, and then we'll be out of the woods and it will start warming up.  And what about snowfall?

The truest weather predictions probably come from looking out the window each day, but it's kind of interesting to see what the experts think about what the rest of the winter might hold in terms of chilly temps and snowfall amounts.  The predictions may not stop us from planning a road trip or anything, but knowing wind chills are likely to come might help us brace for them.

The good news is, the Farmer's Almanac says winter temperatures will stay on the mild side this year, and precipitation will be below normal for the rest of the winter.  But the chances for cold weather will continue through early February.

The coldest temperatures will come in late January, and mid-February, with the best chances for snow also in mid-February.  If you really want to break it down, the Farmer's Almanac predicts if the snow comes, it will be the week of February 14th through 19th.  So you might have a few romantic snowflakes to go with your Valentine's Day proposal, guys.  Make the most of it.

If you're planning an event this winter and you're hoping for mild weather, the best chances for above-average temperatures are the week of February 7th through 13th, and again between February 20th and 28th.  So plan a big festival, and with it turns out that the weather stinks, blame the computer models.

It should be in the upper 60s most of this week, so you might not be thinking much about ice and snow.  Yay!  You year-round-shorts-wearers are finally making sense.  But because this is Texas, we know the colder weather will return and it's going to stick around for at least another month. We'll start thinking about spring break and bathing suits after that. 

The average high temperature in Texas this time of year, by the way, is 56 degrees.  Not exactly shorts weather, but do whatcha gotta do. The rest of us will join you in April, or at the outdoor festival that you're planning in February.  That should be nice.

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