Getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is supposed to be a career milestone moment, and something that the celeb always remembers as a highlight.  But Bobby Flay might remember his induction moment this week for another reason.  Is he still in your good graces?

I've been watching Bobby Flay on Food Network since his early days, and I love the shows.  I don't think I've ever cooked up one dish, but there's something about him that sucks me in and makes me want to watch what magic he can work with chilies, blueberries, and sometimes waffles.  I love him, and I love my Bobby Flay tablecloth.  I don't want to believe that he cheated on his wife, and I think I'll try to stay in his fan base, for now anyway.

Bobby's star has been rising for years, and it peaked this week with his Hollywood Walk of Fame induction.  What could possibly ruin the moment?  A plane passing overhead, flying a huge banner that said, "CHEATER" perhaps.  It really happened.

Bobby Flay has been going through a well-publicized divorce from Stephanie March, whom you may have seen on Law and Order: SVU.  There are rumors that Bobby cheated with his assistant, Elyse Tirrell, and he's been linked to actress January Jones and fellow Food Network star, Giada de Laurentiis.  Nothing has been confirmed at this point, and as Flay's rep puts it, it's rumor and innuendo right now.

Whether the cheating rumors are true or false, if you suspected your ex of cheating, would you set out for revenge with an airplane banner?

There's a prenup that wasn't amended after Bobby became more rich and famous, and it says he owes Stephanie only $5000 per month after the divorce.  Anyone else hear Hollywood movie script writers falling all over themselves to get this story on the big screen?

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