Maybe you've already decided the couch is best on Sunday with an enormous bowl of chips and queso on the coffee table, but the bars will be packed too.  Could Lufkin benefit from another sports bar?

Buffalo Wild Wings and Applebee's serve the purpose in Lufkin, along with a few other favs.

Nacogdoches has Lugnutz, Frog's, Texas Sports Bar and Grille, and a handful of others, and they seem to have more options over there.

Although we probably won't see a new one in Lufkin before Sunday, there are new sports bars popping up in East Texas, and one chain seems more likely than all the rest to expand to our neck of the Piney Woods.

Bon Temps Sports Bar and Grill is opening up in Longview today (February 2), and they'll have a grand opening on Sunday just in time for the big football game.  They're at 115 North Tyler St. in Longview, if you're in the mood for a road trip.  Or add that to your list of long spring drives that focus on food and brews.

The Longview News-Journal says a company in Shreveport owns Bon Temps, and if they're expanding to Longview, there's no reason why they can't open up a Lufkin spot, right?  We'll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, it's hard work but we'll do our best to eat, drink, and be merry at the East Texas sports bars that already exist.  Twist our arms!

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