A few more Hatchimals made their way to select stores over the weekend, but they're gone again.  What do Hatchimals do anyway?

Hatchimals hatch, which can take anywhere from ten to forty minutes we hear.  The more the kids play with them, the sooner they hatch.  And then they light up and make noise, and the kids can feed them and interact with them and they'll respond.  Think Furby, only this one hatches out of an egg.

Target stores got a new shipment of Hatchimals over the weekend and sold out quickly on Sunday, even with the limit of two Hatchimals per customer.  It didn't take long for those to fly off the shelves, not only to parents wanting to please their Hatchimal-starved kids at Christmas, but also to savvy re-sellers who are snatching them up and putting them on the Hatchimal black market for $200 to $300 each.  Rude, I know!

If you didn't get one this time around, the manufacturer, Spin Master, says they've increased production and they'll have a whole new batch of Hatchimals ready in early 2017.  If your kids are still interested at that point.

In the meantime, we have a Hatchimal for you to win!  Sign in to your VIP account here on the website, and good luck.

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