It's tempting to think that high rolling Hollywood types have the most fun out at fancy bars, but it turns out that the happiest drinkers are the simple regulars at the corner taverns.

We're pretty good at laid-back boozin' in East Texas, right?  Ok, I'll speak for myself.

The super smart, University of Oxford, just did a social study on booze, and they found that those who consider themselves "locals" at neighborhood bars have the most fun and are the most satisfied with their lives.  They were trying to figure out what role pubs play in communities, and they learned that regulars at neighborhood taverns have the most close friends and they can rely on them for support.  These drinkers end up having long conversations with other people at the pub and they feel more connected than drinkers at large, ritzy bars where the conversation might be more superficial.

What's your favorite Lufkin spot to socialize?

Yelp says these are good ones:

Bubba T's Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings

Jim Ann's

Tell us your favorite spots, and we just might see you there this weekend to booze it up.  I mean, to socialize and connect.


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