The Angelina College Aerospace Scholars have a connection to NASA now, and it's a kids' toy that has linked them.

The students built a Mars Rover out of Lego's  as part of a competition at the National Community College Aerospace Scholars event at NASA's Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center recently. The program helps math and science students with problem-solving skills, and has been available to Angelina College students for over forty years.  How do you build a Mars Rover out of Lego's?

The use of Lego's may make the whole process sound simple, but it was more complex than you might think.  Each student was assigned a specific responsibility that would help the group accomplish the goal, and a computer program helped guide them.

KTRE says the students knew ahead of time what they would be building and designed a mock Rover on paper, but had to construct the actual one once they arrived at the competition.

Ya ever feel like you're not quite as smart as some college students?  Yes....nice job guys.