Last night (September 29) was the first debate of the 2020 Presidential race. Thankfully, I had better things to do (watching paint dry, staring at the wall, washing dishes) so I didn't watch the debate. Based on my friend's reactions and the many memes that came out, I even more glad I didn't waste my time.

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From the sounds of things, the first debate between President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden was nothing more than a couple of grown men acting like toddlers throwing sand at each on the playground. I could go on how ridiculous it is for people to argue over politics but I've already done that. You can read those opinions HERE and HERE.

Having said all that, as bad as that televised temper tantrum was, we can still find some humor in it all. Here are some of the best memes I found that describe the first presidential debate.

The Philadelphia Eagles are the worst in the pitiful NFC East. Sounds like Trump knows this all to well.

The Jets and Broncos are both awful. I'll pick the Jets to win, though, only because they are playing in New York.

For the Among Us fans in the audience. They're both imposters so we all lose.

For once, CNN tells the truth.


If you remember watching First Take back in the day, this perfectly represents what the debate was.

Leave it to the great Mark Hamill to give us the greatest quote of the night. The Star Wars Christmas Special is Citizen Kane compared to the first debate.

Best Quarantine Memes Vol II

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