Thank you Daniel LaBelle. Your silliness has brought a laugh so great that people will have tears in their eyes. Don't believe me, watch the above video of "If people did everything aggressively. (2020 compilation)." Holy crap, your stomach will hurt because you've laughed so hard.

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I was watching this video in my office today and one of my co-workers thought I was about to die. Nope. I was laughing so hard I couldn't make a noise. That laugh brightened my whole day. I would assume that was the goal of Daniel LaBelle with his YouTube channel. He currently has over 1.3 million followers who are laughing with him.

Check out Daniel LaBelle's channel HERE and you'll see videos showing of what it would be like "if people could teleport", "when guys try too hard to be cool", "if people Naruto ran instead of walked" (personally, I think everyone should do that), "if people did everything with a bad attitude" and many more.

Watching the "If people did everything aggressively. (2020 compilation)", I lost it when he threw the trash away. It looked just like something a 12 year old would do when given the job. I love it. And give some props to his significant other for participating and being able to keep a straight face.

It's great stuff and I hope you take a moment on your lunch break to check out Daniel LaBelle's channel to lift your mood.

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