Yes, today is the's National Siblings Day. All across the interwebs, we've seen posts with #NationalSiblingsDay, or #Besties, #Bro, #Sis, etc. All of these people that have siblings, younger or older, are celebrating this day.

But what about those of us that don't have a sibling to celebrate with? Well, we get pictures like this one:

Mark Cunningham
Mark Cunningham

This picture was taken a few years - and a lot of pounds - ago. It's a picture of me, with my siblings. And you know what? That's alright. Because, even though I didn't "have brothers and sisters to play with growing up," it was fine.

My siblings were always quiet, and they never argued with me. I always got to be the leader, and I never had to share with them. I had Mom's and Dad's attention all the time...alright, that was a blessing and a curse...I didn't have anyone to use as a can only blame the dog for so many things...

But, I say that to say this: it was alright. I wouldn't have minded having a brother or sister around, but I don't look at it as if I missed anything growing up without them, I just had a different experience than those that had siblings.

So, for those of you that are like me, the #OnlyChild people, you're alright. It's all good! Plus - even if it's stretching the truth a bit - you can always use this excuse: Mom and Dad got it right the first time!

Happy National Siblings Day, everyone!

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