At work! Guys are tired of sexy women at work.

A new survey says guys are fed up with the hot pants, mini-skirts, and low-cut tops because it's just way too distracting and they're not getting any work done.

What? This is news to us gals. And perhaps some guys too.

A surprising 27 percent of dudes questioned in the survey want see-through tops outlawed, 24 percent said miniskirts should go, and 30 percent were anti-leopard print because they tend to draw the eye away from important papers at work. Yes, it's all our fault.

Clue #198 on the way to understanding women; Guys, sometimes it's not all about you, and women wear certain articles of clothing in order to feel good about themselves. And yes, there are those times where they just want you to drool and act like a baboon. At work, it could be more of the former.

How do women feel about the attire of other women at work? 67 per cent of women say colleagues should be stopped from wearing tiny shorts and 52 per cent believe miniskirts are unprofessional. Let the cat fights begin.

48 percent say red is the sexiest thing a woman can wear. Perhaps we'll just have to choose red turtlenecks.

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