East Texas has its share of hidden treasures, and this is another intriguing link to history that's easy to miss.

Can you spot the ghost mural at this old soda bottling plant?

If you're not squinting to zone in and you don't have a magnifying glass, this probably just looks like a lot of tan and brown brick.  In fact, people driving by this old building in Palestine probably don't even notice the big logo at the top all that often, because it blends in so well with the building.   If you have eagle eyes and you spotted it right away, good for you.  Give the rest of us a second.

Do you see it now?  It's the name you've heard a million times before, and signals what manufacturing process used to happen in this building.

Way up at the top, it says Coca-Cola in that sunken-in rectangle at the top, in the light tan brick.

Visit Palestine shows on Instagram that it's more than just the Coca-Cola logo.  The full mural says, "Drink Coca-Cola In Bottles."

You might have some questions at this point.  Me too.  Like, why all the tan brick?  Did they have a red paint shortage that made them skip highlighting the logo?  Did rain over the years wash off the sparkle and pizzazz?  And about the bottle bias, it was a bottling plant after all, so we won't ask why they didn't give much love to cans.  Maybe we could tack on the phrase, "and please recycle."

Add this little brick chameleon to the list of things we're missing around Texas because our noses are in our phones a lot.  When we look up, we can see interesting things!

Let us know what you're finding around East Texas, and we'll spread the word, okay? Meanwhile, we'll look for our last names on some Coke cans this summer and drive over to Palestine and take a selfie with this building.

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