The beach is always an inviting attraction during the long, hot summer months, and if you think that summer is winding down, think again.  The long range forecast for the entire state of Texas is calling for "warmer than normal" conditions for the month of August.

In the past, going to Galveston beach for the day meant not having to worry about parking fees, but all that has changed.  Actually voters approved a measure to charge for parking two years ago, but it wasn't until now that the city has found a way to implement the program.

Beginning Saturday (August 3), parking admission is $1 per hour, or $8 for the entire day if you choose to rest your vehicle on the main artery known as the seawall.

Here's a heads up.  On August 3, the police will be issuing warnings only.  Even so, practice for your best excuse.  Starting on August 4, the penalty for free parking is $17, and the City of Galveston plans on using a hi-tech mobile based "Pay By Phone" system, so as not to turn your fine into a 30 year mortgage.

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