Steel Panther is the best band in the history of history, dude. To celebrate the heavy metal geriatrics, we put together these hilarious and perhaps offensive moments the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will eventually show during Steel Panther’s induction ceremony.

Last year, Michael Starr blew up online thanks to his killer Ozzy Osbourne impersonation. While on tour for Lower the Bar, the Panther performed a rendition of “Crazy Train” with Starr doing his best Ozzy tribute act. The Steel Panther siren nailed everything from Ozzy’s voice to his mannerisms, even pacing around the stage like a heavy metal Frankenstein.

We recently invited Steel Panther into Loudwire Studios to react to some classic heavy metal videos. During the segment, Starr and Satchel had a woke discussion about whether or not Poison’s “Unskinny Bop” is PC by today’s standards. “A girl doesn’t have to be skinny for you to poke her, dude,” spewed Satchel. “That’s totally PC! We want women who are chubbier to feel comfortable in their skin and we should want to fuck them. They have vaginas too!”

Remember that time a drunk Kelly Clarkson ended up onstage with Steel Panther? It happened, and the inaugural American Idol winner proved she’s ready to work her pipes at any moment, destroying Michael Starr and Yellowcard singer Ryan Key in a surprise sing-off.

Check out these 10 Hilarious + Offensive Steel Panther Moments in the Loud List above. For Steel Panther’s full list of upcoming tour dates, click here, and be sure to grab their newest album, Heavy Metal Rules.

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