Before they were named Steel Panther, they were Metal Skool. They played loads of hair metal classics in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and they'd often invite celebrity guests in attendance onstage. One time, a totally wasted Kelly Clarkson was spotted and brought up to sing Guns N' Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine."

Michael Starr and Satchel pointed her out in the crowd and Starr started belting out Clarkson's hit "Since U Been Gone." He asked the crowd if he should bring her onstage for some crowd participation. Yellowcard's Ryan Key, whom Clarkson was rumored to be dating at the time, followed her onstage to join in, too.

Clarkson, who was encouraged by Satchel to flash the audience, pretended to oblige, lifting one of her two shirts up. Then she taunted the crowd and rubbed her nipples. It was then that a bottle of Chivas Regal made its way into the hands of Starr, who offered it to the pop singer. She readily accepted, and it was quickly bottoms up.

With the help of some liquid courage and after some bullshitting onstage, Clarkson named the song she wanted to sing and all three sang in unison. Watch it all go down below.

Steel Panther just released their latest record, Heavy Metal Rules. They also got called "backstabbers" by Nikki Sixx after making a joke about Vince Neil, but the band quickly fired back at the Motley Crue bassist, using his own words against him.

As for Yellowcard, they are no longer active but just handed rapper Juice Wrld a $15 million lawsuit. Read more about that here.

Kelly Clarkson + Yellowcard's Ryan Key Sing Guns N' Roses, "Sweet Child O' Mine" With Steel Panther

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