Not only did Steel Panther have to redo the bulk of their upcoming album Heavy Metal Rules after the recordings were irretrievably lost. But singer Michael Starr had to re-record his vocals yet again after noticing a problem with his voice and undergoing corrective surgery, as the musician divulged in a recent interview.

Talk about a headache. As the story goes (although there are conflicting accounts), bassist Lexxi Foxx first torpedoed the hard drives containing the album's raw tracks — Starr claimed he dropped them. When the files couldn't be retrieved, the band re-recorded the album. However, upon listening back to the second set of recordings, the singer said he noticed an issue with his performances. He then sought medical assistance and subsequently redid his vocals all over again. Listen to the interview toward the bottom of this post.

"Well, we took a lot of time on this record because the whole record ended up getting deleted," Starr recounted to The Metal Voice on Thursday (Sept. 19). "Because Lexxi Foxx took the drives — the hard drives, the back up and the original — home after our sessions, and he dropped it on the cement. And it screwed up everything, right?"

He continued, "So we called our producer and we said, 'Hey, he dropped it. We're … sending it to get the data recovery.' And we said, 'Well, let's just use the stuff that's in the cloud.' And he said, 'It didn't go to the cloud because the Internet wasn't working at the studio.' So we had to re-record all the vocals, the bass and the guitars and the keyboards for the whole record."

A previous report of the early recordings' destruction posited that Foxx "pressed the DEL key on the keyboard thinking that meant DELIVER." Regardless, if that weren't enough, Starr extended the woeful tale.

"So we re-recorded everything," the singer explained. "And then after that, listening back to my voice, it sounded like there was something wrong with it. So I went to my voice doctor, and he looked at my voice and my vocal cords, and I had a polyp or a node on it. So we had to postpone the release of the record. I went, had surgery, had it cut out. I recovered 100 percent and even more. Went back, re-recorded all the vocals again."

After the bounty of reported difficulty, Heavy Metal Rules finally arrives Sept. 27. The album features the previously issued "Gods of Pussy," "Always Gonna Be a Ho" and "All I Wanna Do Is Fuck (Myself Tonight)."

Steel Panther's Michael Starr on The Metal Voice - Sept. 19, 2019

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