We've all experienced loss before. It's just part of life. Some of us experienced the loss of loved ones at very early ages. What you may not realize is that that loss can have effects that last years, if not forever. Plus, you probably wouldn't be able to tell that just from looking from the outside perspective.

Hospice In The Pines knows that, and they've got a program for children that go through that type of loss. And, they're giving you the chance to experience what those children are going through, with art.

Hospice In The Pines is putting on an art exhibit called "The Colors of Grief" in the Stephen F. Austin University Cole Art Center. To give you an idea of what it's about, here's an excerpt from the exhibit:

"Created as part of a youth grief camp through Hospice in the Pines, this exhibit showcases the existential, spiritual and reality of children's truth through experiencing grief and loss of a loved one. Through the expressions of art the inner truth, layers and stages of grief are revealed. The work was completed by children ages 4-16. Each work of art is a living tribute and bridge between the land of the living and those that have transitioned beyond this life."

The exhibit has actually been on display since September 3rd. However, there is a reception tomorrow, September 21st, starting at 3:00 PM. They have invited everyone to come view the art that's been made by these children. The art will be on display in the Cole Art Center until October 12th.


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