It seems like every week, we see another local business that has closed their doors for good. It's just so hard for businesses to hold on through this pandemic. Earlier, as I was scrolling through social media pages, I came across a discussion about another Nacogdoches business that hasn't opened it's doors in awhile.

The business that was being discussed was The Rusty Axe. It was a venue in Downtown Nacogdoches where you literally threw axes at targets. It was actually quite the fun experience in Nac.

However, after reading some of the comments, I decided to do a little checking of my own. I went to Google, and typed in "The Rusty Axe Nacogdoches". Sadly, this is what I saw when I pressed Enter:


Yes, it seems as if it's gone for good...

If you go to The Rusty Axe Facebook page, you'll see that they posted that the owner had to "...close [the] store until further notice..." That was posted back on March 19th, when COVID-19 was just beginning to hit our area harder. But, I was hoping that The Rusty Axe would be back when everything went back to "normal". Now, I'm not so sure.

For now, we'll keep an eye on their Facebook page and an eye on their store front on the brick streets to see if they open back up. I sure hope they do.

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