Braxton Bielski is eighteen years old, and he's doing what most high school seniors do around graduation.

Finding his dream date for the prom?  Nope!

Thinking about that year end party at Six Flags?  Nope!

Taking a weekend road trip with his buds to sow wild oats?  Nope!

Go alligator hunting?  YES!

Bielski just snagged himself a Texas record when he captured a 14 foot, 3 inch, 800 pound alligator at the James E. Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area.

Now, you just can't go off by your lonesome with a .44 and shoot alligators like those bloaks did to those poor kangaroos in the first "Crocodile Dundee" movie.  The process in which to hunt legally begins with an application that may favor those who have never seen an alligator before, and each year the number of permits are limited.

Congratulations Braxton, and if I were you, I would set my sights on an "Animal Planet", or "National Geographic" television career.  You definitely earned your stripes!

One last thing, click here to see the monster gator.