It took me forever to see what was wrong with this picture, and then I saw it!  If this is real and not photo-shopped, it's creepy!  And it was cause for divorce.

A husband was gone for almost three weeks, and took this pic when he got home. Once he looked at it a little more closely and confronted his wife about what he saw, he filed for divorce.  Do you see what he saw?

Ok here it is.  If you want to keep trying to figure it out, don't read this next part.

Look at the bottom right corner of the mattress, where it meets the wooden bed frame. That's a dude's eyeball!  There a guy hiding under the bed, staring out at us.  Boo!

I have so many questions about this picture.  If he scrambled to hide under the bed real quick, why aren't the sheets a little more messed up?  And why in the heck does he have is eyes open and why is he looking at the camera?  Wouldn't you try to hide better if that were you?  And how in the world does a man's body fit in tight quarters like that?

Who knows if it's real or photo-shopped, but the internet is all abuzz about it.  And this woman is about to be single.

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