I don't know why I've been on a wildlife kick lately, but I have been. Or maybe, it's just because the wildlife is out and about more than usual. Whatever the reason is, I think it's pretty awesome to witness.

Just this weekend - on Saturday to be exact - I was driving back home, and something in what used to be a parking lot of an old abandoned store caught my eye. It was a fox. Now, in East Texas we'll see foxes every so often, but usually it's just a glimpse and they're gone. Well, I decided I wanted to get another look, so I turned around and went back.

To my surprise, the little guy was still there. That's when I made the decision to try to get some pictures, since he wasn't running off. I would snap a few with the camera on my phone, then I'd - slowly - inch closer. I kept repeating this pattern until I was within just a few feet of it. Then, when I saw that it was getting more and more skittish, I walked back to my truck. But still, I got some pretty awesome pictures. But, he never growled, hissed, or anything. Check it out!

ETX Wildlife: Fox In Melrose

When I left, the little guy was still there underneath the brush. Once again, it was an awesome encounter with some of the East Texas wildlife.

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What kind of wildlife have you come across lately? Anything out of the ordinary? Let us know in the comments below!

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