In case you didn't hear the news from last week, In-N-Out Burgers closed all of their Texas restaurants due to "bun quality" - or lack thereof. Since we don't have an In-N-Out here, it didn't affect us as much.

However, this is just one more reason that our burger joints here are better. I mean, look at all of the different choices for burgers we have here. And NONE of the ones I'm about to list are closing - at least to my knowledge.

None of these listed have had to close for "bun quality". What does that tell you? That the East Texas burger game is going strong.

Don't get me wrong, I've had In-N-Out before, and it was actually pretty good. However, look at all the different choices we have right here in our backyard. We don't have to have another burger choice.

While I sincerely hope that In-N-Out has gotten this all worked out, I'm super thankful about the all the different choices for burgers here.

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