I grew up completely immersed in the education field. My mom was an educator, along with aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, in-laws and more. So, I know a bit about what goes on in the background. One of those things is that teachers pay a lot out of pocket for their school supplies. They want their rooms to have the correct, up-to-date supplies, whether the supplies are for decoration, or whether they're tools that are used daily. Having to get these items out of pocket gets pretty expensive.

Well, now there's a group online that is looking to help out with the costs of those school supplies. This group that started on Facebook is called "Support A Teacher - Teacher Gifting". The way it works is fairly simple. Teachers make a wishlist of supplies on their choice of online shopping platform, such as Amazon, then they share it to their regional Support A Teacher Group. Then, other teachers or donors can purchase items off the list and send them to the person who requested it.

Like I said, this started as a Facebook group, but it now has Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts, and there's even an email account attached to it. The links are below:

Instagram: @Support_A_Teach

Email: teacheramazongifting@gmail.com

There's even a trending hashtag for the support a teacher movement! It's #CLEARTHELIST. The original Facebook group has now morphed into 56 different regional groups, and has over 70,000 members. If you're a teacher, or someone you know is a teacher, this resource is definitely worth looking into. It's all about teachers helping teachers. It's awesome!

The flyer below is from the Facebook page:

via Support A Teacher Facebook page
via Support A Teacher Facebook page

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