Lone Star Pride runs deep. Whether you're a current Texas resident, a former Texas resident, or you've just visited Texas, there's a pretty good chance that you like Texas. That's why a recent study from BestLifeOnline.com kind of surprised me when I saw that it had Texas ranked as the #2 Most Hated State in America.

It's true! To see the full results of the study, click the link below:

To reach this conclusion, BestLifeOnline took several things into account. They looked at population that had moved out of each state, they looked at state pride, and they even used a poll from Matt Shirley on Instagram that asked which state people hated the most. They put all of these together, and used an algorithm to find which state was truly the most hated.

The #1 Most Hated State in America...? New Jersey. The #2 Most Hated State in America...? Texas.


Yes, Texas was ranked as the runner-up to the Most Hated State. Apparently, according to the study, the states of Alaska, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma hate us the most. And, while some people might take offense at this study and the finding from it, that's alright.

Why is it alright?

Because we can be happy right here where we are. Texas is where it's at, and we're quite content to be here. I mean, I hope you're happy to be here. I know that I am. Besides, there's a good chance that the only reason that they hate Texas is because...

They aren't here.

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