Over the past few months, the number of scam emails that I've received has gone through the roof. According to the emails I've received, I've been fired twice, reprimanded about eight times, and was supposed to verify my email account too many times to count...

Now, there's ANOTHER new email scam going around. According to an email I received today, I was supposed to log into my email account - which didn't make sense, considering that I was reading the email IN MY OPEN EMAIL ACCOUNT - within three minutes, or my account would be permanently deleted.

Here's what the message actually said:

This is your final opportunity to prevent your email account from deactivation.

Click below to cancel deletion of your account and the loss of all of your data.

<<Cancel Deletion of My Account>>
If you do not log into your account in the next 3 minutes you account will be permanently deleted.

Yes, this was a scam. No, I did not click any of the links.

You've got to be watching out for this stuff, though. Sometimes, they can get pretty sneaky with the attempts. One of the big red flags on this one was the fact that the email that I received wasn't from my company. Usually, there are other signs to look for as well - misspellings, grammar mistakes, incorrect names or titles, etc. With this one, they made it easy to spot right away.

But, be sure that you don't get sucked into these tricks. They are getting more desperate, but they're also getting sneakier. Keep an eye out, and if it looks a little sketchy, make sure that you can verify the authenticity, before you clink any links or give out any info.

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