The first week of September has been HOT. Summer, leave us alone already! Don't you know it's after Labor Day?

But relief is on the way.

It will be a warm night for high school football Friday, but by Saturday morning there will be a little nip in the air that will make it feel more like autumn. A cold front is bringing some Canadian air our way, and that will mean highs on Saturday will be in the 80's, and by Sunday morning temperatures will dip down to the low 60's and maybe even upper 50's. That might be the first opportunity for a jacket. Since we haven't needed those things in months, your jacket might be packed away deep in the recesses of the closet and smell like vacuums and candles (okay, that's mine), but this weekend may provide the perfect opportunity to rescue it from that dark, boring place.

It doesn't look like the fall temps are here to will be back in the 90's by next Tuesday. But fall is close!

Have a good weekend.

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