I don't know how many of you remember, but a year ago, I took part in the "Get Fit Challenge" with some of my coworkers. It worked while the challenge was going on, but since then, I've kind of tailed off and gotten back into the "Out of Shape" routine once again.

Well, now it's time to change that. Once upon a time, I was actually in shape. I played basketball, ran cross country, worked out, things of that nature. Now, not so much.

Last time, like I said, I did a challenge as part of a group. This time, I'm getting back into shape myself. I want to get back into the routine of playing basketball, running, working out, and just being healthier in general.

Here's the video from the first "Get Fit Challenge".

The people helping us did a great job, but we just weren't in the right mindset to keep it up. The nutritionists and health experts in this video are all seriously great options and resources if you decide to start your own lifestyle change.

I currently weigh just under 240 lbs. and I'm aiming for at least 200 lbs. by the time it's all done. There is no real set end-date for this. I plan on running a half-marathon (no particular race at this point), but I don't want it to end there. I just want this to be the beginning of a new lifestyle for me.

If you'd like to follow my progress, check out the Mark Gets Back In Shape Facebook page. Feel free to like it, share it, drop me a note, etc.



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