We have another official holiday coming up on Monday, September 2, and for those of us not in the 24 hour day, 365 day work cycle, it means a well deserved day off courtesy of the "holiday makers".

But, what exactly does Labor Day represent?  Observed on the first Monday in September, it was initially recognized 119 years ago following the Pullman Strike, in celebration of social and economic worker contributions.

When the Pullman Strike ended after six days, President Grover Cleveland signed Labor Day into law.

Today, the relevant significance of the holiday is more on the lines of an end of summer ritual that gives the okay to light barbecue coals, and hit your favorite retail outlet to cash in on sales specials.

Traveling on East Texas highways beginning tomorrow?  Allow for some extra time for that extra traffic, because you won't be the only person taking a three day weekend.

Schools, banks, credit unions, post office - all closed on Monday.

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