Happy Labor Day!  It's an awesome day to wind down a totally relaxing 3-day weekend away from work. Unless your job involves hospitals, gas stations, retail stores, babysitting, and dozens of other jobs.  Then you're like, "what day off?"It's a holiday weekend for many, but there are thousands that are working, and maybe it's business as usual for you.  Here come the crowds, to make your day busier than it would be on a normal Monday.

Across East Texas the libraries, post offices, and banks are closed.  Schools are closed, including SFA.  There are some changes to trash collections schedules if Monday is usually your day, and you can click HERE to see those.  Your trash pickup might get bumped by one day.

You know what's open?  Stores!  So let's go shopping. Most grocery stores and retail shopping centers are open today. Lufkin Mall is open, and so is the Southgate Shopping Center and Northview Plaza in Nacogdoches and just about every other shopping center for miles around, especially if they sell grilling or football-related items.  Tis the season.

Labor Day is one of the biggest grilling holidays of the year, and US News has some good ideas about how to pull off the barbecue without spending a whole lot.  Like make it a pot luck, and rope your friends into bringing things.  Text them now, and they'll still have time to stop at the store and buy their homemade contribution on the way to your house.

Have a great day "off."  And thanks for listening!

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