When most people think about oil, they think about money. Cash seems to follow the industry, and some of the wealthiest people in the US are linked to oil. Could an influx of oil money be coming to Lufkin?

A new Angelina Tank and Manufacturing plant has opened up after the city of Lufkin worked hard to draw it in and encourage the owner to set up shop here. The company manufactures tanks and other materials to support the oil industry. And there may be an opportunity for you to get involved.

The Lufkin Daily News is covering the story today too, and they report the company plans to hire several workers as they continue to expand.

Local vendors feed the company, local workers get the paychecks, the company sells it's products to the oil industry, and we're all rich! Or something like that. We'll hope this business and others across Lufkin and Nac and the rest of East Texas continue to rake in the bucks so we can all benefit from the healthy economy.