Over time, city parks need maintenance. That involves updating facilities, replacing items, removing things, and - in this case - repainting.

The Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation department just started some major upgrades on the basketball courts in Festival Park. For those of you that aren't as familiar with Nacogdoches, Festival Park is the one located in Downtown Nacogdoches, one block (give or take) from Mainstreet. The courts are having new artwork painted on them. This is what the finished product is supposed to look like:

Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation Department Facebook Page
Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation Facebook Page

Pretty awesome, right?

This is just the latest in updates that have been taking place at the parks around town. They've been putting new playground equipment in, they've made it so that people can access and use free wifi at the park pavilions, and more.

Plus, this is isn't just a proposed thing. The work has already begun. This is the post from the Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation Facebook page where we got the picture of the court artwork. Check it out:

♥️**Upgrade In Progress**♥️

Until further notice, our Festival Park basketball court will be closed to the public to...

Posted by Nacogdoches Parks and Recreation on Monday, October 26, 2020

The court's already closed, and they've already been prepping for the updates to take place. But, there's something else that this post has in it, that's got us even more excited. Did you see the final line? This one:

...we will be documenting the process of adding this amazing work of art to our FIRST of what we hope to be many basketball court murals!

Apparently, this is just the beginning! I'm pretty excited to see the final product, and I'm excited to see what they have planned for the other courts!

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