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I've spent most of my entire life searching the piney woods and oak bottoms of Louisiana in search of the elusive "Turdy Point Buck."

I remember, as a kid in the early 1970's, just how exciting it was when we actually saw a deer.  There weren't many of them in Louisiana back in those days.  Then, somewhere in the mid-80's, deer really became plentiful here in Sportsman's Paradise.  In fact, some insurance companies would argue that deer got "too plentiful."

There are areas here in Northwest Louisiana where a night time drive can become downright scary, with so many deer bounding across the roads in front of vehicles at times.  But never, would I have ever imagined, that all I had to do to spot that deer was just go to Mickey D's!

We've all heard of deer going into places that deer "aren't supposed to go."  We've seen videos of deer in highly populated areas.  Most likely those deer were bucks, in rut, displaced by their insatiable desire to procreate.

But this video caught by the closed circuit television at a McDonald's in Locust, North Carolina, takes it all.  As shown in the video, two guys have apparently just exited the McDonald's, when suddenly a deer bounding through the parking lot, literally runs over one of the gentlemen.  He gets up, apparently uninjured, but with video proof, he's got an incredible story to tell!

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