Devastating Deer Disease is Changing the Way Texans Hunt
A disease that impacts deer causes them to have major neurological problems, and it can rip through a herd pretty quickly.

Wildlife managers in Texas are doing their best to prevent the spread, and that means hunters have to adjust their routines and obey some new rules to help out.
White-Tailed Deer Season Continues in Texas
Any luck yet?
The archery season for white-tailed deer is on now, after kicking off September 28th in all 238 counties in Texas.  It is archery only right now, and that will be the case through November 1st.  Click through to see more about the general deer season in Texas.
Watch What Happens When Deer Collides With Corvette [VIDEO]
I've seen them on a winding two lane highway with my mind racing in nano seconds, so as to avoid a direct hit, while they stand their ground as if it's some territorial rite of passage.
One moment they are grazing at the road's embankment, and then with the stealth of a roadrunner, but clumsy first s…
Poaching Could Put You In Jail In East Texas
For the hunting enthusiasts out there, and I personally know plenty of them, waiting for the appropriate season and shooting in the appropriate vicinity is all part of the sport.  So, why would you want to hunt illegally and risk damaging your bank account, or far worse, spending time behind ba…

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